Eco-friendly computer repair

Arlington Virginia Computer Repair takes our responsibility to be environmentally sound seriously. Our goal is to have the smallest negative impact possible on the world around us.

All electronic waste is reused, recycled or disposed of safely.

Computers contain many toxic materials that need to be carefully handled when they must be repaired or disposed of. We handle every case with care and work to reduce electronic waste that ends up in landfills through e-cycling (electronics recycling). All clients are afforded the option of free e-cycling for any equipment they check in as a part of their case. Our efforts help to decrease toxic metals like mercury, lead and cadmium from polluting our water supply.

All the paper, packaging, metals, plastics and other waste materials that we no longer need are either reused or recycled. We often find creative uses, such as scrap paper, reusing packing materials and converting boxes in to storage containers. Other items that we cannot reuse are recycled with Arlington County weekly.

recycling is green

Green business is good business.

We also use eco-friendly products and services, such as recycled paper, alternative energy offsets (for our electricity), natural cleaning agents as well as energy efficient lighting, computers and appliances. Because we are a home-based business we also maintain a minimal carbon footprint.

Our aim is to utilize less toxic (or non-toxic) and energy efficent computer parts whenever possible while maintaining the highest standard of quality. Energy efficient computers tend to run cooler and waste less power which translates to a longer lasting computer and saving some money on your power bill. It's also worth noting that computer parts which don't use toxic metals are of the same or better quality than their predecessors.

A second chance could be the answer.

Repairing your computer is an eco-friendly decision and it can be practical, too. Having your computer fixed can help to reduce the need for environmentally expensive resources. Many computers are worth repairing if the cost is less than buying a new one.

If you need help with your computer or have a question about our services please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Arlington Virginia Computer Repair is now Envescent IT & Data Recovery.

Don't panic! We're still the same experts, but we've shifted our focus and grown our company. Envescent provides data recovery and business IT services. Visit our new website for more details.

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Arlington Virginia Computer Repair is an eco-friendly business.